Neil Keenan & the worlds gold

There have long been rumours of a secret gold hoard – where vast quantities of the world’s gold was set aside to be used for a nations finances, but the story goes system was corrupted by the people that run the world today. These things were often talked about by people who are on the real fringe of what would be described as conspiracy theory, eg David Wilcock, Ben Fulford, Karen Hudes – all of which have seemed to discredit themselves in the past with tales that haven’t stacked up or they’ve made predictions that have turned out false, and then never mentioned again.

In saying that there has been a persistent effort by a Mr Neil Keenan who has been apparantly privy to insider knowledge and information, and has now produced what appears to be a lockbox of gold which at the very least lends to at least watching to see if more can be produced. I don’t know what to think at this stage, but if this is a fraud then he’s certainly gone to some extreme lengths to produce it. Amongst what he’s said he’s seen were 2015 US Dollars, printed by the Federal Reserve – if he can produce these then people should really start to pay attention.

About Neil Keenan

Making History and New Beginnings

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